Professional Indemnity Insurance for Veterinary Practitioners and Veterinary Nurses

28 June 2017

The Veterinary Council of Ireland has, in accordance with section 59 Veterinary Practice Act 2005, as amended and with the consent of the Minister for Agriculture Food and the Marine, approved Professional Indemnity Insurance Regulations for registered persons.  

The Regulations will come into operation on 1 January 2018 and will require all registered persons to be covered by professional indemnity insurance, either personally or through their employer. Registered persons who are covered by their employer’s policy are advised to clarify the status of their indemnity cover with their employer, ensuring that the correct and appropriate indemnity cover is in place.

The Regulations are as follows:

  1. A person who holds a licence to practise as a registered person and practises as such, must be covered by a policy of indemnity insurance which provides appropriate cover for practising as such.
  1. For the purposes of this section, “appropriate cover”, in relation to practise as a registered person, means cover against liabilities that may be incurred in practising as such which is appropriate, having regard to the nature and extent of the risks of practising as such.
  1. A registered person who holds a licence to practise must, on request, provide the Council with details of his or her policy of indemnity insurance under which they are covered.
  1. A registered person who holds a licence to practise has a duty to inform the Council if he or she ceases to be covered by a policy of professional indemnity insurance.
  1. The Council may refuse to grant a licence to practise to any registered person who fails to be covered by a policy of indemnity insurance.
  1. Where a registered person who holds a licence to practise is in breach of this section, the Council shall take whatever of the following actions that it considers appropriate -
  1. take no action,
  2. withdraw that person’s licence to practise,
  3. apply to the Registrar under section 76 (1) for an inquiry into the fitness to practise veterinary medicine of the person,
  4. direct the Registrar to take specified action and Registrar shall take such action,
  5. take such other action as it considers appropriate in the circumstances.
  1. Indemnity regulations do not apply to a registered person in so far as the registered person is, for the time being, acting as an officer or employee of, under contract to, or otherwise with the authorisation of, a Minister of the Government, a local authority or a body established by or under statute (other than a company established under the Companies Acts).

Any queries relating to the professional indemnity insurance regulations should be addressed to the Council’s Professional Standards Manager, Ms Aideen Neylon, [email protected]