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The Veterinary Council of Ireland is the Statutory Body established under the Veterinary Practice Act 2005. The Veterinary Practice Act 2005 was passed in July 2005. The Veterinary Practice (Amendment) Act was passed in July 2012.

The principal function of the Council is to regulate and manage the practice of veterinary medicine and veterinary nursing in the State in the public interest.

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Veterinary Practitioners

It is a legal requirement and, therefore, essential that you obtain your Licence to Practise from the Veterinary Council prior to engaging in any type of veterinary work in Ireland.  The act of veterinary medicine is defined in Section 53 of..

Veterinary Nurses

Veterinary nursing is a regulated profession in the State. A Licence to Practise must be obtained from the Veterinary Council prior to engaging in any type of veterinary work.  The procedures which registered veterinary nurses ca..


A Licence to Practise is essential before taking up employment, this Licence can only be issued following conferral. The Council facilitates, as far as possible, the issuing of these Licences at or shortly after conferral.  Please contact th..

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